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Lists in IE7

  1. Hello,

    just updated to Internet Explorer 7. Apart from this bloody TFT ClearType issue that does not work propperly in IE7 I realized that unordered lists in wordpress are not displayed.


    I assume that I did nothing wrong in the code!?

    This malfunction only appears in wordpress and IE7. I checked other browsers and other sites with lists in the IE7.

    Any suggestions?

  2. I see the error on my comp, too. It looks fine in FF.

    WordPress needs to work towards being more compatible with IE, because it has alot more users than any other browser, whether it's inferior or not.

  3. Normally wordpress displays well in Firefox 2, Opera 9 and IE 7. I'm sorry you had the problem and glad to hear you were able to download a firefox 2 and solve it. But I'm not in agreement with your "a lot more users than any other browser" statement. This is because my stats are not indicating that a lot more of the visitors to my blogs are using IE. In fact I see that more and more are using firefox and that IE users are on the decline but maybe your stats are showing the opposite trend.

  4. I just googled browser statistics, and for November 06, IE had 57% and FF had 30%. I know that FF is growing and a great browser, but I still believe that IE will continue to be successful, because of Windows.

    Anyhoo, how can I view the stats on which browser my visitors are using? I didn't know that was a feature.

  5. Kewl, which one do you use?

    Be careful to follow the instructions that are especially for :)
    Also note you can set it to ignore your own visits. And that you can either make the data available to your readers by clicking on the icon or you can choose to make it private.
    You can see an example in my sidebar here

  7. "Wordpress needs to work towards being more compatible with IE"

    that actually reads as

    "WordPress needs to cope better with all the innovations that Microsoft introduces that everyone else calls a bug / unwanted / a mistake etc etc etc."

    Microsoft did not invent the web and they are not the de facto standard.

    Sending in a feedback with a detailed explanation of the problem will get better results that "Fix this".

  8. Everyone knows that Al Gore invented the internet, so there's no argument there.

    Who said "Fix this"?

  9. A feedback did.

    Occasionally I get a feedback that gives really good useful information. This means that the coders know just what to look for and just where to look. It means things get fixed faster. So if something is wrong a good explanation of what happens and what theme was used and anything else makes fixes so much easier.

    Today I have had:
    "OK, what next?"
    "It says security"
    to name but two separate feedbacks and in each case they thought they had a bug. I accept that what is above has detail but too much information just cannot be given when reporting something wrong.

    Al Gore - I still have that film of his to watch. Must make time...

  10. I always feel like I overkill on information when I have a support question, but apparently not.

    "An Inconvenient Truth" is a must-see for anyone who is concerned about our planet (which should be all of us).

  11. Mark,

    I did not say "Fix this"! The feedback was only to make you aware of the problem. I have not described the problem in the feedback because I provided the link to this threat, where to problem is described.

    For me I fixed the problem returning back to the IE6.

    To WordPress I would recommend to handle this issue as the majority of users are still using IE. I think this will last for the future because of the MS monopoly on the operating systems market.

    The not so sophisticated user is buying a PC, mostly including an MS operating system on which IE is per-installed. Automatical updates will also update IE. Assume the user has IE7. He/she has heard about Web 2.0 and bolgs, which are a fancy must-have. Discovering different blog providers he/she also comes by a blog hosted by WordPress. What would you do if you see a post which should contain a list but does not? Looking for an other provider?


  12. My computer is too old to run Firefox; believe me, I've tried and it won't even let me download it. Can't upgrade to IE7 without buying it from Microsoft, because my computer is THAT OLD. If WordPress ever stops being compatible with IE I'll have to leave WordPress and that would make me sad.

    Think about it this way: I understand that WordPress has to make business decisions and can't satisfy everyone all the time, but by optimizing for the latest browsers at the expense of older ones, they are effectively weeding out the poor both here and abroad, and those relying on school, library, or community centre computers. That is going to substantially change the nature of the WordPress community. I'm very serious about that; activist blogs in particular risk being affected.

  13. I did not say "Fix this"!

    WordPress needs to work towards being more compatible with IE, because it has alot more users than any other browser, whether it's inferior or not.


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