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    I’m using the equisite PRESSROW theme (–designer is just GREAT). Tried to follow at the time, but didn’t catch, need a little help for what eludes: Headline, Calendar, Feed.

    -Headline –line of description, that went across the blog top picture, of previous theme. I can’t figure out how to get it back. It’s still in the Admin, but how do I make it go across the books image that came with current theme?
    Without that description: focus/purpose and blog name make no sense.

    -Calendar: at one time didn’t the calendar just stay flat, not turn into a link of posts by date? Can I stop it from linking? How?

    -RSS feed: used widget for two feeds, one works (it’s on the blog), but the RSS feed doesn’t move when I click on “configure” –and it doesn’t appear on blog. How to get it working? Some people have loads of them –how to get the little image/tab thing for feeds, instead of word?



    Morning Poppy!

    I can’t find it at the mo, but have you got the option to show the header ticked in the options page of your blog?

    The calendar has always (I think!) shown the linking to the posts for a particular day. Certainly that’s the way it has worked on my self hosted blog.

    Can’t help with the RSS feeds I’m afraid, I’ve never used them.





    Hiya Collin! (Sorry it took so long to reply, went wandering off into the Net)
    “got the option to show the header ticked in the options page”
    Well…under *Options it lists “blog title” then “tag line”
    –that’s the description line I want back into blog–and
    “Save Options”

    Previous theme had (different) image I chose & the description/tag, not this one. Now I have clicked “Save”–but it doesn’t appear, anywhere that I can see, certainly not across the book image. –Is that what you’re asking? If not, what is definition of “ticked”?

    Calendar: okay, bad memory I guess.



    As for your tagline: PressRow is one of the themes that doesn’t show it – the theme author has chosen not to implement the code in the theme.

    The only way you can make it appear is using a textwidget with the same text as your tagline.



    Oh! Good to know on the theme, Thanks. (I hate it when I can’t make seemingly obvious things work!)

    How do I use a text widget? Where does it go? (I’ve been wondering aobut those “text widget” things for some time, they’re mystery to me.)

    -RSS feed:
    -how did you get the image, for the feed, on blog?
    -how do I get the feed to work?



    ~kzkw: I DID IT! I put the tag line in headline space of a “text widget” clicked on “View” and Viola! LUV it. Very very kewl, Thank YOU Very much! (Wanna see it? davineremedy )



    Leap’n Lizzards! I got the RSS feed thing to work, finally.
    And today: I figured out what “img” on the Dashboard means. –Viola! I put photos in the content. (Still don’t have translation for all those others, yet, but I’m going to live long life, I’ll get ’em, eventually.)

    Got description/tag line in upper right corner (–almost as good as across image). Yikes~ three things in three days, moved up a notch on the newbie/tech illiterate scale.
    Thanks Collin and kzkw!
    And here’s a fourth: marking this “Done” (never did that before either!)

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