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Little weird looking thingy...what is it?

  1. I 've been seeing a tiny weird looking thingy on the bottom left hand side of my front page(and second page- which is all there is to my blog right now). It looks like a tiny smile. When I log in, it disappears. And it doesn't follow me around on other webpages/sites I visit.

    I would appreciate it if somebody could pay a quick visit to my blog and have a look and maybe offer an explanation.

    Thank you

  2. Yeah, I can see it. That's a smiley alright. Is it not in your template? Sorry I can't be of any help.

  3. I don't think so...but I can't be sure either. It's so tiny it could be part of the

    But that would be rather weird...Could it be a bug? It looks so cute I 'm tempted to think it's benign.

  4. This came up a while ago; if I remember rightly, it helps track visits to your page for stats purposes.

  5. Does that mean everyone here can see a similar tiny thingy on the bottom left hand corner of their blog?

  6. It's usually found somewhere on the page.

    It's not been confirmed by staff but we think it has something to do with the stats program. (Not the Google/ Urchin one that they use but the one that keeps tabs for your site within your Dashboard.)

    Either that or I put it up there with the staff's love for BBQ. :)

  7. LOL

    Well, in anycase, it looks cute. Maybe we can have more on each page. I could use some cheering up right now. ;)

  8. I don't think a smiley is a weird thing in your blog. What it means is that when you post regularly, it will appear somewhere.

    Just trippin'.

  9. I post regularly to three blogs but if there's a "thingee" on my blogs it must be so teeny tiny I haven't ever noticed it. This is not to say that I particularly want anything added to my blog that I didn't put there. However, if the staff is giving out little "thingees" please note that an animated eye might be more appropriate.

  10. TT, it's on yours directly under the "Design by Andreas Viklund" bit in your footer.

  11. I'm perplexed although some might say I'm baffled. I have looked three times drmike. I even went down to the pottery studio and got my eye glasses and put them on. I have signed in to my account as though I'm a reader. I have come back to my account from the forum by clicking "home". I then resorted to a magnifying glass with a 4-5 inch diameter. I can't find a little thingee under "Design by Andreas Viklund" on my blog. :( [Sheesh. Maybe I should just give up blogging for today and clean the chicken coop instead.]

  12. Picture :)

    Hope this helps,

  13. I have noticed them for months now... most blogs have them you just have to look...


  14. It's the "Nina" of WordPress blogs.

  15. I think it's cute :) although I don't see one on my blog

  16. Vivian, same place as TimeThief's. Dead center on the bottom.

    -dr(Maybe my eye sight isn't so bad after all :)mike

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