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Live & Let Live Others-Humanity is the Only Religion

  1. Request to please help me in solving one query that is Nationality is above Humanity ?

    Is it right or justice to kill others just for one's self interest. Is it right to kill, who is poor / powerless/ ?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I'm afraid that question is not a related question and thus I must refer you to the forums.

  3. IS humanity is above pop tarts? Is jabba the hut is above ancient rome? Is lando calrisian is above happy gilmore? These are the questions that only the most advanced of societies may ponder.

  4. Indeed.

  5. Deep subject, alittle to deep sounds like someone needs to stop watching forensic files.

  6. not at all...but its sad after looking at todays world the way where is heading...

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