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  1. I'd like to add a live chat in my wordpress, what do I have to do?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Sorry but that's a no go.

    At present there are no chatboxes or forums that can be embedded into free hosted blogs. There is no FTP access and we cannot install plugins.

    You have three free workaround forum options:
    One approach is to register a forum on the internet and then create a custom menu in your blog and include a custom link to the forum in it.
    a custom link to the forum in it.

  3. ok! Thanks
    If I pay U$ 18 / year will I be able to be contacted?

  4. Huh? no, there is no fee to be contacted. If you ask a question in the forum, you're answered in the forum.

  5. I changed my domain name, and now I have lost all my information!! I can't access my site- where did it go?

  6. @annpk
    That has nothing whatsoever to do with chatboxes and that's what this thread is about. Provided you are referring to a free hosted WordPress.COM blog click this link and post your own thread please

  7. Well, you can try using Subiz Live Chat.
    It's really easy for you to set up and use.
    And it's free!

  8. I believe that you can use google chat on a blog.

  9. I'll try and get back to you if I can!
    Many thanks!

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