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    OK so its hard enough being a new blogger,but what worse is there is no way to connect to the people who share similar interests to us,who see things in a similoar way to us.wordpress is a very alone place to be when your a blogger,and the main readers of blogs are fellow people who blog,yet we are not equiped to interact with them apart from forum and comments on each others pages.there is no way to tell is a blog writer is online,and i think i similar set up to social networking sites should be put in place to help us get more connected to one another,have an exchange of ideas more freely available,be able to talk in real time with people if they choose,and get as much promotion to one another pages as possible.
    i propose a live chat option and also a sidebar to show our status,online,offline,etc

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi. Have you heard of Meebo live chat? WordPress.COM offers a Meebo Widget:



    In addition to the meebo live chat widget, there are also two other chatbox options that we can use on blogs. See >


    Hi, I have created a blog called hoteles365sit but when I try to create a second one called 365sit a red signal warns me that the bog already exists. The matter is that my company is called 365sit and the 1st blog is for tourists while this 2nd one I am trying to create is meant for hoteliers. Can anyone help me?



    Blog names are being reserved for those with matching usernames. If you own the corresponding username and are still encountering this error, please contact Staff



    I see a new site at:

    Are you sure you did not also register it?

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