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  1. I don't see the live preview button.... The directions say that you can see how your blog will look if you want to change themes by clicking the live preview button. I remember doing this in the past. However, I don't see that option. There is only Activate and Live Demo. Live Demo just gives you an expanded explanation of what the theme includes. I want to see see how my current blog will look, exactly. Thanks for clarifying.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. If you look at themes here:
    then the live preview shows what the theme designer used to illustrate various functions of the theme.

    But if you do as shown below, you can see how your current blog will look wearing a new theme with the "live preview":

  3. Thanks, however it seems that you can only make limited changes in live preview. I would like to switch from a free to a premium theme with custom upgrade and want to make all changes before going live with the new look, including changing the images in the posts. How do I do that?

  4. Mark your blog as "private." You will still be able to purchase a premium theme and upgrades.
    settings—>reading—>site visability
    here is a picture from the support article:
    choose "I would like my site to be private, visible only to users I choose."

    When you are ready, change the privacy setting to "allow search engines to index this site"

  5. Here is wordpress policy on upgrades should you not be satisfied with your purchase:

  6. Thanks—what happens when a subscriber or someone who has bookmarked the address looks for my blog while it is private. What will they see?

  7. A notice that the blog is private. That's why we generally suggest having a spare blog to practice and test things on.

  8. The complication in this case is that the OP wants to use an upgrade and premium theme, so it would be possible to do on a (private) test blog within the refund time, then get the refund, then export test blog to the original site, and then buy upgrade and premium theme again. But it would be, well, complicated.

  9. Or just spend the money to make the private test blog experiments, and then buy another premium theme/upgrades for the original and export/import to the original site.

  10. To avoid complication, I'll make the blog temporarily private. Thanks-- this was very helpful!

  11. Hi Tess:

    I have yet another question! I have made my blog private, published a test post and realized that people who follow the blog are going to get notifications while I'm making my changes. How do I prevent this? Thanks Again.

  12. If the blog is private, they won't.

  13. This has been a helpful discussion. I am trying to change my banner photo. I've noticed that most of the themes that allow a static photo have really long, narrow specs, which are hard to get unless you have a very skilled & expensive photographer. I have a shot I'd like to use and it's most suited for things like Booklight or perhaps Ambiru. I like Booklight well enough, but don't like that I can't have a second column as far as I can tell. I like having links to bloggers and ways for people to sign up, and disclaimer, info, etc. (I'm not sure what happened to blogroll as a widget, btw--I haven't been able to make any changes to mine for a while, which is a total bummer). When I turn on preview, I don't see a way to try pulling in the photo I want to use. Thoughts? I'd also be okay with moving from Misty Look to Misty Lake, but I'd lot get that lake out of there and see if I can somehow use my own photo. There are some cases where it looks as thought there's a standard 5x7 or 4.6sh photo at the top, but when I go to pull my blog into preview nothing happens. So I can't tell if I'd wind up with what I want or not. So if anyone knows of a sharp (no weird colors or sappy fonts), professional-looking theme with at least one column and the ability to put your photo up high (it doesn't have to be exactly across the stop, but it needs to stay there), please let me know. Free is best for now, but not opposed to paying down the road. (To me it's surprising that there's such a big jump between zero and the prices. Just paid $45 for a lifetime license to an extraordinarily powerful app for writing novels, Scrivener. Can't imagine a Theme is worth more than that.)

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