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  1. I was earching around tying to get a live traffic monitor I can put on my blog, I tried Feedjit, but can only get a link to a Feedjit blog. I'm looing for something where I can see the traffic on my front page.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. @joer223
    Click this link

  3. Timethief, I'm a little confused, I followed the link and tried to install install the trafic monitor,this is what I did lastnight. On that page you only have the optons for, or other blog host. I chose other blog, and copied the code and pasted it
    in a text widget in my dashboard. The only thing I get is a link to a feedjit bog in my area. I notice on your site you have the live feed, that's what I'm looking for. Your help is greatly appreciated.

  4. There is a non-javacript version and that's the one I have. This is what I see on the site:

    "The image live traffic feed is unavailable. We have temporarily taken the image live traffic feed down for maintenance. It should be back by Friday April 30th. Please check back then.
    ~The Feedjit Team "

    You will have to wait and perhaps even email them asking for the non-javascript version code.

  5. Thank you Timethief, I'll try emailing for the non-javascript code, am I seeing the feedjit live blog stats because the image live traffic feed is unavailable? Thanks!
    You are tireless in these forums!

  6. I notice that the feedjit site ahs changed since I got mine. I used to be able to create a non-javascript one easily and now it's a maze over there.

    We can also use clustrmaps and and the site for the latter has also changed so we need to email for the code.

  7. TT, I just sent an email to the support team at feedjit asking for the non-java code. Hopefully I'll hear something back, I'll keep you posted and let you know what happens,
    maybe it will of use to others having the same issue. Thanks for your efforts.

  8. Yes, please post an update when you have one. :)

  9. If it helps, here's the link for the non-javascript for Feedjit. I installed it this morning and
    it's running beautifully.

    Hope this helps.


  10. Good, then all is well. :)

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