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    Hi. I use Windows Live Writer for most of my work’s blog posts & page creation ( I’ve had to switch themes a few times…also had to re-download Live Writer due to computer upgrades. In so doing, I’ve had to update Live Writer with the blog’s current theme (View -> Refresh Theme). When I do this, I’m told that in order to download the theme, a temporary post is created and if all goes well it should be deleted (which is fine by me), so I accept. Unfortunately, what also happens is that all my email subscribers get a strange email about the temporary post. The ideal situation (for me) is not to send these temporary post emails out to subscribers.

    So…is there any way I can turn off sending emails to subscribers temporarily while I update Live Writer? Anybody else have an alternative solution?

    Thanks in advance!

    The blog I need help with is


    Nope thats a fault of WLR. Guess it does it to authenticate.

    No way to turn off email notify without deleting them from your list first :/.



    You might try the “Publish to Draft” option with Windows Live Writer – as long the Post is a Draft an email should not go out.



    Auxclass – How would that be accomplished when attempting to refresh the theme in Live Writer?



    Sorry my error – it does not look like my suggestion is valid – I was just thinking about a plain draft with was not an option when I just looked at the update option.

    Sorry about the false alarm

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