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Live Writer and WordPress tags

  1. I'm using MS Live Writer to send posts to WordPress. Live Writer lets you attach tags to your post, but from what I can tell, it only has defaults for social bookmarks like Technorati and Deliciouis. However, I can add a new provider. How can I add my wordpress blog as a tag "provider" so that my tags show up properly on my wordpress blog?

  2. I don't think you need to add anything. If I recall correctly (it's been a while since I have used WLW), your categories would show up in the drop-down and your tags are the keywords in WLW.

  3. themountainsage

    Go to VIEW in Windows Live Writer and click on properties. You can then add keywords which show up as tags.

  4. themountainsage

    PS you really need to link your blog to your name for use on the forums.

  5. Thanks ismailmail... That was a good suggestion. I looked arond WLW for keywords and can't find that option either. The categories show up fine, I just can't find anyway to post tags (other than to a social site).

  6. Ah, got it themounstainsage... now I see keywords. odd place for it, but I thing that will do the trick for me.

  7. PS... I'll try to figure out how to link my blog to my id.

  8. From the sticky at the top of the forum:

    Go into your dashboard -> users -> your profile -> then scroll down to 'contact info'. In the spot where it says 'website' fill in the address of your blog and save the changes.
    Now... when you comment here and on other blogs, your name will link to your blog. If you do this before you post your request for help, it will allow forum volunteers to be able to help you quicker since they won't have to ask you for a link and wait until you come back to post one.

  9. vivian... Ding! Done! Thanks.

  10. Glad to help!

  11. norm, to post tags using WLW, you need to click the ^ up arrow at the bottom of the program when you have a post open. There will be a keywords textbox, enter your keywords there. The keyword field in WLW (under expanded post options) relate to the WP tag system. You use categories the same way (WLW category is a WP category).

  12. themountainsage

    jamesewelch....takes you to the same place as View Properties, just quicker. Thanks.

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