Live@edu or an alternative way?

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    I am struggling to find a way to make this idea work and its nearly the start of term. I have all my year 10’s and 8’s starting a blogging unit after xmas and they need their own blogs setup so they can customize the theme etc…

    I thought great they already have a live@edu login i will use the blogs on there but I now see that they are no longer going and live@edu logins do not work with wordpress they would have to re-register.

    I then tried hosting my own blog but I cant get it to work with ldap multisite so what other ways could I get around 200 pupils to have their own blog aside from registering each one individually?

    Thanks in advance

    The blog I need help with is



    Are you referring to the migration of a Windows Live Spaces blog to If so then the people involved will need username accounts in order to log-in here.
    User roles >
    Adding users >

    Please see this post at the top of the forum

    If you are you experiencing trouble using please take a look at our support page dedicated to the upgrade process here:

    Please note that the following items do *NOT* come over in the import process:

    Photos that were in albums but not within posts
    Photos that weren’t used in posts are not part of the import process because they aren’t actually part of the Windows Live Spaces blog. They are part of the Photos or Skydrive service. The photo albums from Skydrive are always accessible and aren’t going anywhere. Anyone can find them at


    Please see here >

    Pending/draft posts
    Right now, the draft posts are trapped in limbo and Staff are communicating with Live Spaces about them.

    The migration to is permanent. If you have any trouble with it contact Staff directly using this link



    Some schools put WordPress.ORG software on their servers (more work)

    Some teachers have a blog for each class (lit-101 5th period) and put all the students from a class one one blog (easier for teacher to keep track of) – I think there is an Author Widget to help you sort stuff by student – or make each student a Category or each assignment a Category

    Other teachers have all 200 students do their own blog – then the student can keep on with the blog after the class – but harder for teacher to keep track of

    Many ways to get from here to there

    But yes no matter which option you use anyone that contributes / writes for a blog must be registered for the blog they are writing for.

    hope this helps a bit



    I believe the best place of all for school and student blogs is edublogs. That’s a multi-user platform like this one. It’s free and their community is rich with help that applies to teaching and learning.



    Thanks @timethief – looks like a good answer for teachers – I will save the link and pass it on to my sister and her two daughters (they are all teachers)

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