livejournal import failing on error: XML-RPC Request Failed

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    I’m trying to import all the entires/comments from my former Livejournal blog, and it keeps failing immediately with:

    XML-RPC Request Failed — Server: couldn’t retrieve anum for entry at /home/lj/cgi-bin/ line 3952

    I’m not sure how to proceed. I have many entries, so retrieving XML files of the whole blog would be extremely tedious as an alternative option (ten years of entries, and LJ only lets you export a month at a time). Also, I’d really like to benefit from all the features of the API export detailed in this web page:

    I have posted to the WP forums and opened a ticket at LJ as well:

    Responses to the WP forum post indicate that I am not the only user experiencing this problem. Not sure if a recent change to the LJ code or the WP code is at fault here?
    Blog url:


    Drat…I was trying to “open a ticket” not post to the forums a second time. Apologies. I find the “go to the support page, search, say no then post a ticket” process very confusing, apparently I got sidetracked somehow.



    There are numerous problems coming from LJ’s end these days, and this is just one of them. All I can suggest is to either keep trying, or get the XML files.


    Thanks for the clarification, macmanx.

    I can now verify that this is definitely something screwed up on the LJ end of things. The exact same error is being reported by ljdump (most recent version, 1.5.1) when I run it on the command line on my Snow Leopard machine:

    couldn’t retrieve anum for entry at /home/lj/cgi-bin/ line 3952

    Therefore it doesn’t appear there’s anything to “fix” with WordPress at this time. I’ll pursue getting this figured out on the LJ side…wish me luck. :P

    P.S. if I succeed at getting entries and comments into XML, how do I go about getting those into a account?



    Oh dear, you’re right, we don’t have that here.

    If you do choose to go the XML route, let us know, and there may be some sort of manual process we can work up.

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