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  1. We have an impending Livestream that we are planning to host on (WordPress Hosted) next week and there are some concerns on whether or not we can embed the entire package which includes Livestream Player and Custom designed wrapper w/ Facebook/Twitter Integration. I am new to WP .. please take note.. I am aware of short codes but I want the full functionality of this Livestream :) not just the video player

    It would look very similar to this integration -

  2. Can't be done at All of that would require flash and javascript, and those are not allowed here due to security concerns: .

  3. hmmm any recommendations?

  4. Self-hosting a blog is about your only choice - or you will have to host the livestream stuff somewhere else and link to it from your blog.

  5. Oki doke.. Thanks so much for your help :) .. is there some type of approval process for that type of stuff. I have seen Youtube and Kyte Videos available before.

  6. I'm not sure the process. You can contact staff at .

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