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"load more posts" button

  1. Hi all, recently I noticed, that my wordpress blog ( for which I'm using the Twenty Ten Theme get a nice "load more posts" button on the bottom of the blog, to load more posts ;) I'm happy with this feature but would like to change the text of the button into German language. How can I do that? I have the costume css update - just FYI ;)

    Thanks for your help and best regards,

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Wow, really? That's HUGE news. I'm afraid I can't help with your question, alas.

  3. Post in the "translations" forum here so they can be aware of it and get that fixed.

    +1 for staff including a "load more" button. I could live with that, but not with the automatic loading of posts on the main page.

  4. Note:
    a) same thing in Twenty Eleven and Coraline;
    b) but, as before, only if you've added at least one footer widget.

  5. Hi, thanks for your quick feedback. As you suggested, I posted my request in the "translations" forum:

    Best regards, Claus

  6. Another note about infinite scrolling from an almost duplicate thread:


    but how did you get the load more posts button? All my posts are showing up on my homepage and it's a reallllly long page

    Sometimes when staff tweak a feature a certain amount of blogs receive the tweak update so they can test for bugs before they release the tweak update site wide...

  7. Hi, thanks for your quick feedback. As you suggested, I posted my request in the "translations" forum:

    Wow, zodiac1978 was super awesome, fast, and helpful with that reply! Our volunteers are so cool. :)

  8. marriageisajoke

    Hi, I'm using the San Kloud theme and read another thread and figured out how to disable the infinite scrolling. Now I can't seem to get a "Load More Posts" button at the bottom. The most I can do is an Archives widget in the sidebar.

    I'd rather have the "Load More Posts." Can you help?

  9. The "Load More Posts" option isn't currently available for the San Kloud theme because infinite scroll can only be disabled after adding footer widgets and San Kloud doesn't have any. I'll pass along your feedback though!

  10. Great new! A "load more" button is much better than the annoying "to infinite and beyond scroll".
    Thanks for this improvement.

  11. I didn't say we could make a change, however, I did forward your feedback. It's possible that themes without footer widgets, like San Kloud, will not have the option to turn off infinite scroll.

    In the mean time, you might consider giving infinite scroll more of a chance. I've found that many readers seem to like it, a lot of blog owners who say they don't like it at first end up liking it in the end, and also many people who turn off the feature for other themes end up turning it back on again later.

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