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load pdf document

  1. Hi, can I load a pdf ( couple of pages changed to pdf using Word) to wordpress.
    My aim is to say click here for free pdf pattern, rather than type it out as a very long
    blog entry. Is this possible please,
    thank you

  2. yes, you can. it is stated there in the write page in dashboard, scroll down to locate the upload button.

  3. Thank you again sulz, I've just tried your suggestion draft page and worked perfectly. I did try same button a few days ago but nothing appeared, thought perhaps I misunderstood and a type of photo with a pdf ending should be loaded there.
    However I may have mistakenly downloaded the folder not just the pdf file or lets face it any one of half a dozen other things on a new learning curve.

    Anyway thanks, got it now, appreciate your help. Bye...

  4. What we've been suggesting is that you create your own icon or image and using that. For example:

    <a href="URL for the pdf"><img src="URL for the icon" /></a>

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