Load typekit font without Wordpress nameservers

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    We have a problem with typekit. We run our main app on AWS, who we use as our hosting service. We have a wordpress blog hosted on a subdomain (blog.fatlama.com).

    We use a custom font which we load through typekit. However, having set up our wordpress blog, it seems there is no way for us to load in the typekit font on the wordpress site. Since we are not using WordPress’s nameservers, we are unable to access the php/html code for our theme, and are also unable to add plugins.

    I’ve just chatted to someone on customer support, who talked about the nameserver issue stopping us from ‘moving to the new system’, which would apparently clear this up. However, they said that currently there’s no way to solve this problem, and pointed me toward this forum.

    Does anyone know how I might get around this? It seems like adding a couple of lines of javascript directly into my site’s code ought to be a pretty straightforward affair. Alternatively, if there’s a way to load in the font purely using CSS we’d be perfectly happy with that too.

    Appreciate any advice you all can give :)

    The blog I need help with is blog.fatlama.com.


    Hi there, we cannot use Javascript here at WordPress.com for security reasons. The only code we can add, is CSS, and the @import CSS declaration is not allowed here, also for security reasons.

    I’m afraid there is no way to add Typekit fonts, or any other fonts from outside our system. We are limited to those listed at Customize > Fonts.

    I wish I had better news for you on that.

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