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Loading a specific post is very slow in Firefox


    the above link is the post that loads very slow in firefox. Other posts load fine. I tested in IE and Safari and the page above loads fast. Its just firefox. I have tested in two computers with firefox and got the same problem.

    Please test.. need help..

    thank you.

  2. You're in the wrong place. You're self hosted. This is support for blogs. You'll need to head over to to ask your questions.

    And when I tried loading your post in FF 2 it brought the entire browser to a standing halt. I'm sort of surprised it didn't crash the entire thing.

  3. Opps, typo katm!

    That is where you need to be.


  4. *sigh*

    Thanks Trent.

    I'm sure I've confused the heck out of the OP.

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