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loading video

  1. My video fails to load. It is under the size limitation and in the correct format.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Which video from which video provider are you referring to?
    And which instructions did you follow?
    See here >

  3. I have the video upgrade on my site. I've posted several videos there before. I'm attempting to post a new video, which is approx 450 megs. I'm using the Add Media tab from my dashboard, and selecting a .MOV file from my computer. It takes forever to load, then after several hours of loading, it hangs up and does not complete. This has happened about 13 times.

    I have 13gigs of space, (paid upgrade) of which I'm using less than 1gig. Don't know why this is so difficult this time, or why WordPress doesn't have a phone line or instant message. Poor customer service, I guess.

  4. I tagged this thread for Staff assistance with your videopress issue. Please subscribe to the thread and you will be notified when they respond.

  5. Hi there,

    I've seen a few reports of this exact issue - it seems to be .mov files. You may have success in the short-term if you try to convert your file to .m4v format instead. In the meantime, we will track this down and fix it!


  6. Thanks. It seems to like the .m4v much better. Reduced the file size quite a bit and converted it and it finally loaded.

  7. I'm glad that solution works for you!

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