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Local backup of blog possible?

  1. I am looking into starting a blog for the government office I work for. I am debating whether to use or go with a commercial hosting service that supports WordPress. I think my main concern at this point is guaranting that we have completed access to our records at any time. I understand that backs up hourly; but what if was to stop conducting business? Is there a utility I might use that would allow me to make a local backup of our blog?


  2. explains how to do it. Doesn't do the images currently I believe so you may want to keep those somewhere handy as well.

  3. does the backup (export) save EVERYTHING?
    i mean, does it also backup the pages i create? (because I have been spending quite a lot of time formatting this and that so that everything fits together symmetrically, etc.; it would be nice if absolutely every detail of the blog is backed up)

    thanks in advance for helping!

  4. pages, posts, comments, should be saved in your xml export file.

  5. thanks!
    just checkin =)

  6. Just a note, your blogroll and anything you place in the sidebar in widgets isn't saved. But as sulz says, posts, pages, comments are. :)

  7. The theme, however, is not saved either, so your formatting will go a bit wonky if your new theme is a different width or has a different font, etc.

  8. Posts, Pages, Categories and Comments are contained in an exported xml file. Links are not and must be separately backed up. This will give you a file of your links that you can import on your new blog

    However, quite aside from export there are other effective ways of backing up your blog and everything you write right from the moment you begin writing Disaster Planning: Backups for Bloggers

  9. Apology for the borked link above and the inability to edit. And do note that "yourblog" must be replaced by the actual name of your blog.

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