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    The current Thai translation cause some issues with Calendar widget. You could see the effect at http://thaibaht.wordpress.com. The Calendar format display different than it should be. I believe it is because the Thai translation is too long.

    Not sure how WP and the calendar widget get the string for Month.

    December in Thai is: ธันวาคม
    Dec in Thai is: ธ.ค. or ธค.

    But somehow the system use both ธ.ค._ธันวาคม_ตัวย่อ which probably too long for the calendar width.

    Anyone could change this to use either full month name or abbreviation.

    Thank you.
    Khun T

    Below is the current use of Thai translator.

    Source string:

    Target language: ไทย

    Current translation: ธ.ค._ธันวาคม_ตัวย่อ


    Contact staff and let them know so that they can fix it. It occurred with some other languages as well.

    http://wordpress.com/contact-support/ (Mon-Fri 8am-4pm Pacific time) or using the “support” button in the upper right of your dashboard.



    Thank you. Will do, but given the time zone different about +7 of zero time here in Bangkok, not sure that I could get into the support at the same time or not.

    Don’t they have any other way to just post or email, which don’t require the synchronize time?

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