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  1. in German localization "Save Changes" button in Options is too small to hold the whole sentence.
    Blog url:

  2. Thanks for the hint!

    Next time you can report this here, too:

    From which Option-Page is the screenshot? Maybe we can find a solution.


  3. Hi, it's the page with settings, where one manages their username e-mail web-address and password.

  4. I can't confirm this problem. Do you have a URL for me, that I can be sure to view the right page.

    And which browser do you use. Maybe it is a browser problem ...


  5. @Jenia: There are two strings in GlotPress:


    I don't know which is the right one, because there are no comments.

    Is it possible to make the button a little bit bigger? If this is not possible, could you tell me which is the right string to change?

    Thank you in Advance!


  6. @gr9zev: Thank you for the link! I have looked at the wrong place. Now I can confirm the problem!

  7. Torsten, this translation is related to this string. When you are looking for context, you can export the file, open it in Poedit or text editor, search for the string, and then look at the file names where it's used. In this case, "Save Changes" is used by multiple files, including wp-content/admin-plugins/my-blogs.php:652 – and!/settings/ is My Blogs/My Settings. You can guess without knowing the code, if you know your way around WordPress as well as you do ;)

    As it's not practical to alter buttons every time a German translation does not fit, and since it's a fairly straightforward string, I would suggest you change the translation to "Speichern" (or an alternative translation of your choice, you are the translator).

  8. @jenia: Thank you for the hint! But someone at Atutomattic changed the size of the Button, so the Text fits in the Box now...

  9. @zodiac1978: that's terrific, then! Well, at least I gave you the (hopefully useful) information for the next time ;)

  10. @Jenia: Sure! Thank you for this.

    When you are looking for context, you can export the file, open it in Poedit

    Why is Glotpress not showing this context information, like with "Reference"?

    Kind regards

  11. I agree that it would be helpful. It is not a trivial task to turn it on for because of some technical nuances, however. It's on a list of future improvements, however.

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