Locating blogs and accessing new blog (was hiplane, now 3rdeyesymbolism)

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    (1) I can’t access my blog under the new name 3rdeyesymbolism – says I need to ‘invite’ an adminstrator
    (2) I can’t find all my blogs that were on the site under the name ‘hiplane’.

    If posting blogs on your site is going to be exponentially more complicated I won’t bother. I don’t like wasting two hours trying to sort out blogs on a hosting service that is posting ads on my blog.
    If I don’t get an answer that sorts out the problem within 8 hours I will take my blogs elsewhere.
    S Gillen
    Blog url: http://3rdeyesymbolism.wordpress.com/

    The blog I need help with is 3rdeyesymbolism.wordpress.com.


    Thanks everyone for the input – the problem has now been sorted.

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