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    I signed up for two step authentication a little while back. Everything works wonderfully and I really appreciate the second level of security.

    I recently had to reformat my phone, and in the process I lost my Authenticator entry for WordPress. I can still log in to my account by having an authentication code sent to me by SMS, but I would like to find the QR code under my account to add it into Authenticator again.

    Where can I find the QR code (or the account/security combination) necessary to add things again? I go into settings/security and see that two step is still enabled, but I see nowhere to display the QR code again to rescan.

    Please help. Thanks!

    The blog I need help with is dillieodigital.wordpress.com.


    I believe that you need to deactivate the 2-step authentication, and then reactivate it to get a new QR code, as I don’t think you are able to regenerate that code (for security reasons, so that only one phone can have the codes generated).




    I went ahead and disabled 2FA and then reenabled it to get the barcode.

    Note (for any future people finding this), I needed to use one of my “backup codes” in order to properly disable it, since the one given by SMS to login was no longer valid.

    After reenabling I was given a fresh set of backup codes, and everything is working great again.



    Hi dillieo — I have been trying to disable my 2-step authentication, and I ran into the same problem you mentioned: can’t properly disable using the SMS code because it’s no longer valid. But I don’t have my backup codes (I never generated any in the first place, as I recall) so I can’t do anything. Any ideas?



    Can you login to our account at all? I was able to log in, but not disable the 2FA initially. If you go to your security section, there should be an option right below the 2FA to print out the backup barcodes.

    If you can’t get that far, you’re probably out of luck. You’ll have to talk to WordPress and see what their policy is. On another site I use 2FA for, I had to provide some detailed private information about my account and they were able to disable it after that.

    Hope this helps!

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