Location box in my post does not show. I want to use geo-tagging

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    I have enabled geo-tagging in my user-settings (and re-checked that they are enabled). The instructions then say

    “The interface is essentially the same and can be found in the “Location” box on the Edit Post and Add New Post admin screens.”.

    But I cannot see my location box! The ‘location’ is ticked in my screen options but I still cannot see the location box for editing anywhere. Can anyone tell me where it is?
    Blog url: http://juliedemo.wordpress.com/


    I have found my location box! If you press 2 columns instead of 1 column the location box comes up on the right. Strange how it doesn’t show on the 1 column option!



    When you switch to the 1 column option, the Geotagging box will be moved to the bottom of the page.


    No it doesn’t. It is not at the bottom of the page at all. I turned off all the screen options, except location, just to make sure I was not missing it. It isn’t there at all! it only shows up in the 2 column option.



    Could you send us a screenshot of your post edit’ page?. You can upload the screenshot image to your media library and post the link in this thread.


    Well it is back in now. But it was 100% not in there before. I tried last night and then again this morning with a fresh mind. I looked quite a number of times as I couldn’t believe I couldn’t see it. Maybe it is there now because I added a geotag. I could try and delete the geo-tag and see if it disappears again in the 1 column option. I can see the box in all my other posts now but didn’t check if it was not there previously.

    Do you think that it could be because something in my ‘site’ is corrupted? I cannot delete one of my categories. The delete option for one of my categories is not available, nor is the checkbox on the side of it. (all other categories are OK)


    It could be caused by browser issues, namely cache & cookies.

    There is one category you cannot delete (‘Australia’), that’s correct, but that is simply because it is defined as the default category for new posts. If you visit Options → Writing on your dashboard, you can change that.


    Plus I had a ‘service error:There was a problem getting the configuration information’ problem in my dashboard (where the WP introduction video was) that has now been fixed by someone.


    Oh my wordy word! You are a star vanillalounge!

    In all the forums I looked at there were several people with the same problem. Some said they had to re-install WP and lose their site, others said they had to install some plug-in to fix it etc.

    Well done! Thank you!


    You’re very welcome :)

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