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Location of bylines in Blix

  1. I know that byline design has changed recently in several themes. I have a multi-author blog using Blix. The "info" line previously included date and the # of comments only; now it adds author name as well. That's fine -- when we started in 2006 we adopted the practice of manually entering our names as the first line of each post because names didn't otherwise show up automatically.

    My question is about the position of the info line. On the main page it appears below the sharing buttons accompanying each post. On individual post pages, however, it appears directly below the post title, before the text of the post. Is there any way to control this -- e.g., to make the info line appear below the title on the posts appearing on the main page as well? Thanks.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. It could be with CSS, and it appears you have the CSS upgrade, right?

    The problem is, controlling its position in relation to the post title. Since you have to use position absolute, it will not automatically move down if the post title goes to two lines, or three lines, and I see a few post titles on your front page that are two lines. If someone uses their browser zoom to make the type larger, it could also force single line titles to two lines.

    Perhaps one of the theme team will respond to this since you've posted it in the themes forum.

  3. Thanks, but that's not really what I'm after -- I mean that on the main index page, the info line is in an entirely different place, at the very bottom of the post, rather than the top. I'm not talking about fine-tuning the spacing between title and tagline on a particular type of page (which is why I posted this in themes, rather than CSS -- hope that was right!).

  4. I wasn't talking about that either. This is what you said:

    Is there any way to control this -- e.g., to make the info line appear below the title on the posts appearing on the main page as well?

    What I'm saying is that it can be done with CSS, but that comes with an obstacle attached (title length). As far as any "button" in the dashboard, no there isn't one.

    When I mention hoping staff will respond, what I was thinking is that they may say, oops, our bad, and either put it on top on both, or on the bottom on both. There is no guarantee they will, but at least you will know.

  5. With CSS, I can put any element in any web page on Saturn if you wish.

  6. Showing author name in a multi authors blog is one of recent update for Blix theme and it was intentional.

    Regarding the position of the info line has been always like the position and if you must to change the position you have to force the position by CSS as thesacredpath suggested because we don't have a plan to change the position at this point.

  7. Thanks. Yes, I understand that the change was intentional -- I'm all for it!

    Regarding the positioning, I'm not sure how to change this using CSS. Perhaps I should post this in the CSS forum?

    thesacredpath, thanks for the suggestion, and sorry for misunderstanding your first reply.

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