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location of "update services" option?

  1. I am trying to add an auto ping from technorati.

    The instructions that I am trying to follow,..which is located here ... says to follow this path to "update services" option.

    ---The last option on the page is "Update Services." Add Technorati's ping server as a new line within the Update Services text box.

    I don't have that option on this page. Is it now located somewhere else or do I not have this option with my upgrade to CSS customization account?

  2. Do me a favor. Send Technorati a support request and ask them why they haven't updated that page per the many requests now going on for 10 months.

    That's for regular WordPress when it's hosted at hosts outside of We here use the pingomatic service and that pings Technorati from there.

    Hope this helps,

  3. Feedback sent yet again to Technorati. I wonder if they'll even respond this time. :(

  4. [blockquote]"Do me a favor. Send Technorati a support request and ask them why they haven't updated that page per the many requests now going on for 10 months."[/blockquote]

    Ah hah! Will do. I'm glad it wasn't just me.

    Who offers the pingomatic service? Is that a technorati feature, or other provider?

    Thanks for you reply. It helps me understand greatly.

  5. Sorry, should have provided a link. :)


    It's hosted by the automattic folks, the people who run Not sure who actually owns/ controls it now.

    Again, you don't have to worry about pinging. The software pings pingomatic and that goes out to the sites.
    You're free to manually ping of course. Some folks use as well.

    Hope this helps,

  6. Thank you very much.

    I do shoot off an email about the error on their website. It was certainly confusing so I hope they choose to edit that page.

  7. This subject was helpful for me. I do still have a question. Through this automatic feature, does this mean that it is unnecessary for me to post the technorati button feature that I've seen on other blogs? Are you saying that those blogs displaying the buttons(technoratice, ice rocket, etc) are outside the wp server?

  8. Yes, it is unneccesary to post a Technorati button. The button itself is something that all bloggers on any platform can use to link directly to Technorati and publicize it. Or there's the "Add to my Technorati Favorites" button as well, which promotes each blog displaying it.

  9. You can still claim your blog without it. The login feature from technorati to prove that you control the blog is acceptable.

    Just a note to mention that I have never received a followup still from Technorati and have sent back one of their automatted replys yet again asking for information.

  10. You never will. I think Technorati is owned by Dr Evil and he decides the rankings by turning the blogosphere upside down and shaking it, then having some snakeskin-clad henchwoman pull blogs out at random.

  11. Certainly not updated as of today... I tried to follow their instructions for auto ping, which brought me here. Thanksfor the clarification.

  12. One of my hosting clients made a comment Friday about how less and less traffic is coming in from technorati. Maybe folks are beginning to realize how poor they've become.

  13. thanks for the helps guys i appreciate it

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