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Location option missing in Screen Options

  1. I cant find 'Locations' under Screen Options. Doesn't give me all the options as shown in the Screen Options FAQs section.
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  2. You need to switch on Geotagging in your user options and then view it in the 'Add new post' screen.

    To do this, go into 'Users', 'Personal Settings' and tick the 'Enable Geotagging' option on the left side. Then go to your 'Posts' menu, choose 'Add New' and look at the screen options. You should also notice the 'location' box has appeared on the main screen too.

  3. Hey Julia, thanks a ton... but this hasn't solved the problem. I'm using Oxygen theme and am trying to get my posts to appear in the slider as well in 'recent articles' below the slider. For this I apparently need 'Location' which supposedly rests in screen options. This 'Location' tab gives me the option to choose 'primary', 'secondary' or 'featured'. Any clue about this?

  4. I found that the locations box only appeared in the screen options in 'add post' not the screen options on my main dashboard. If you go into 'add post' and click screen options - is it there?


  5. nope it's not there

  6. Hmmm, not sure how I can help further without seeing what you see.

  7. Note: In Oxygen, there is no way to show posts in both the slider and the recent articles area. It's been designed to not to have duplicated posts on the page. Note also that there is currently no option to display more than three "Recent Articles" on the Showcase Page template.

  8. Ok so I un-checked the 'sticky' option for my 1st post and it no longer appeared in the slider, appearing under the 'recent articles' section. So basically once I have enough posts up, I can manually make the older ones appear under recent articles.

    One last question, can I set the number of articles that will show in the slider? Or I'll just have to manually control that... un-checking the older ones moving them to recent/more articles?

    And thanks a ton for helping me out @julia and @timethief :)

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