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Locator will not properly locate me

  1. Hello all. I can't say I know 100% how it works, or whether I like the feature, but I chose to use it and can't seem to get it to work properly. The thingy that shows the public where you're located will not, no matter how much I fool with it, show the right geographical location for me. I move around a lot, so that's a setting I'd need to update often, not that I consider it important. Regardless, It's frustrating to see it pointing at an address that I know longer live it and finding that I can't change it.

    Any tips on why I might be having this problem or how I can fix it would be appreciated. Thanks. Later...

    The blog I need help with is

  2. What is the blog with the locator in it - the blog linked to your name does not have a locator and has not been posted to in a while

  3. Really?!! Okay, I'm totally mystified. One, I saw, and see, a link to my blog in my own above post. That's the only blog I have. I post fairly regularly. My last three posts, for example, are dated: Sept 7th, Sept 6th and Sept 4th. I'll also make a screen shot of the settings to which I'm referring and provide a link to them.

    I wonder whether this has anything to do with the death of my blog. I've been getting virtually no activity.

  4. Additionally - I can't think straight because things keep popping up out of the bushes to distract me - I now see (and it figures) the correct address on my locator. Sorry. I have no idea why it only took once I decided to query you good people about it. But it could have been something I missed. I'm only human.

  5. Wow! Where did all the great WordPress help go?

    I still can't get my old address out of the location thingy. The other poster, above, claims that my blog is dead. It's only dead in the sense that I get few hits. But I post to it regularly. Talk about left hanging!

  6. You have a rather long sticky post at the top of your home page which says, "Posted on August 25, 2010" so it appears as if you haven't posted in a few years unless you scroll down…

    As for the geotagging, I don't really understand your question? I use it for a work blog (but not on any of my personal blogs). It auto detects when I'm working from home, even down to the exact address so I always have to put in the business address.

    Are you saying that the locator is using an old address and doesn't pick up your current location? Have you turned geotagging on?

  7. Good point Tess - I did not page way way down - also the OP has all inline Posts - can't really tell when one Post stops and the next one starts -

    The use of the More Tag would make things much easier to read - use it especially on the Sticky Post - regulars have seen that one forever - so make the More Tag on it less than half a screen load so someone can see the new Post below it

  8. Well, Here's what it says, in bold, at the top of my blog:

    Sticky – 3 links: 1. Money flows uphill, 2. Haiti Relief And Reconstruction Watch, 3. Open Media / See below this sticky for new content


    I just don't know how to say any clearer what I'm saying. Maybe I don't understand how the geolocator works. But whether it's turned on or off - I thought mine was on - Why is it showing an old address.

    I would have thought WP users would know what I'm talking about. I'll do a screen shot and put it up on Photobucket. I'll look for something to turn on there as well. I still don't know whether that's even a feature I want activated. I was kind of hoping for some information about that in the responses here. I don't even know what to call this feature to query about it, but I'll take a stab at it.

  9. This geolocation feature is not something I seem to be able to access unless I'm editing a post. Or I don't see it. As I said, I don't know what it's actually called.

    The image at Photobucket showing an old address that I can't get WordPress to ignore no matter how many times I try:

    (edited by Tess to make the link clickable)

  10. Only, the link is still not useful.

    People cannot see where your location is! That is visible only to you as an administrator or your blog (editors, and perhaps authors may see it as well), but search engines can read it. Are you talking about the location assigned to your very long sticky post at the top of your site? The you must edit that post in order to edit the location. The location does not change whenever you move about: the location is where you were (or where you assigned it) when you published the post.

    That post is what, 3 years old? If you were in a different place 3 years ago, then the post keeps that location.

    I think I'm missing something about what you are asking. Perhaps another volunteer can help, or perhaps you can add some more info about what you want to know.

  11. Did you read my posts? Again, At the top of my post:

    Sticky – 3 links: 1. Money flows uphill, 2. Haiti Relief And Reconstruction Watch, 3. Open Media / See below this sticky for new content

    Again, the last part of that: See below this sticky for new content

    My last post, not the sticky, was two days ago.

    Sorry about the link. The instructions on Photobucket couldn't be simpler. So I don't know why the link it gives me doesn't work. It says, basically, 'Use this link for bulletin boards, forums etc.'. I copy it, and see a little pop up that says 'copied'. It's worked before.

    I just tested their sharing system and it's gone to crap. Methods that are supposed to work don't. This one, direct, worked but I don't know whether it's allowed here, not that it matters:

    I'm done with this. I'll live with things as they are. Thanks, I think.

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