Locked out of my site please help

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    i had an “odesk” freelancer working on my site BIG MISTAKE- she locked me out of my wordpress admin site
    can a wordpress support person please help me. email me at [redacted]

    The blog I need help with is unwrappingpanic.wordpress.com.



    What is the URL of the blog in question, starting with http.



    Hi there,

    If you’re taking about http://unwrappingpanic.wordpress.com, it doesn’t appear that anything has changed.

    You should be able to go to the following site and by using either your username or email address, get a new password to log into your blog:


    If you are referencing a different site, please let us know the link.


    Jackiedana it’s not about my password i already tried that i want to email to you a screen capture of what happens and my login so you can see. and the site showing on http://www.unwrappingpanic.com is NOT the site that is supossed to be there- i beg of you please let me email you.



    http://www.unwrappingpanic.com/ is a WordPress.ORG blog, for which you need to get support at WordPress.ORG instead of here. Also, contact your web host; they may have backups for you.

    There’s nothing wrong with http://unwrappingpanic.wordpress.com/ which IS a WordPress.com blog.


    raincoaster- r u a wordpress employee?




    raincoaster is one of our regular volunteers and is here to try to help you, and everything she wrote was accurate.

    The site you’re having difficulties with is a WordPress.org site, meaning it is not hosted on WordPress.com. Because of that, unfortunately there’s nothing more we can do to assist you here.

    You may be able to get some assistance at http://wordpress.org/support/ .


    well- you are both then incredibly not helpful. thank you for nothing. because neither of you is listening.



    @unwrappingpanic, we can see what happens when we go to your site. The problem is, we can only provide support for blogs hosted on WordPress.com.

    Although I’d like to help, I have no access to your self-hosted site and cannot troubleshoot the problem for you.

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