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  1. crfreeridedownhill

    I load a vimeo video to LOCKERZ (formelly VODPOD), but its giving me a weird code...which now is not working on WP....

    [vodpod id=Video.16345030&w=425&h=350&]

    how the heck is this going to work if Lockerz change the codes...?!!!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. not sure you got that code. are you getting that from the marklet?

    I tested posted a lockers code from youtube and all it gave me was code for an image linked to my lockers account:

    you can see at this thread:

  3. crfreeridedownhill

    I supposed...I load the video, and click to get the wordpress shortcode, but gave me, I think there is something wrong...

    This is the URL of the video...

  4. I cannot add that video to my lockerz account... and I cannot find the code for the video either.
    I not getting any code.

  5. Why not just embed the Vimeo video following this guide?

  6. crfreeridedownhill

    MacManx, agree, but I paid the VODPOD pro account in order to have a somewhat video channel, also, I not only upload from Vimeo, my personal video account is in MPORA, which is not supported by WP, also, there are 2 other sites I get videos from, which are not supported either....thus the importance of this to work...

    Same as Dlager, I get an error that the video decalz already exist, but does not appear in my "locker"...but if I go to my VODSPOT I see it there...yet, I come again with the same issue, if I need to create a post on it, I can load the video because WP does not support that video....

    This is getting so frustrating.... :(

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