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    Hi I am new to wordpress and I am just checking that it does what I want before I dive in with a paid scheme.
    I am using the Lordestar theme and have set up a project for the portfolio. My problem is that it works beautifully on my iPhone 6 and my PC but not on my ipad. The photos in the gallery on the ipad just jumble up. Also I set it up with a media block with a photo on the lefthandside and that didn’t work on the iPhone or the tablet.


    It is the Contemporary Garden Design page on the portfolio.

    Thanks in advance for any help.

    The blog I need help with is amazinggardendesign.wordpress.com.



    Hi there, do you still need help with this issue?

    Are the images displaying oddly in a particular browser? When I view your Portfolio page with Safari on my iPad mini, if I am viewing horizontally or vertically the images load well. If I change the orientation, the images don’t resize and get jumbled.

    However, on your Contemporary Garden Design page, it looks like you’ve inserted the photos as a Tiled Gallery. If you want the photos to appear in a strict grid, you need to change the Gallery style. https://en.support.wordpress.com/gallery/


    Hi Jennifer.

    Thank you for responding. I have just deleted the gallery and re-inserted it and on my ipad 2 and nothing has changed. The photos are displayed just below the main feature image in a jumbled mess on top of the main text.

    It works perfectly on my iPhone and Pc but not on the ipad?

    Any ideas? I didn’t have any options for the gallery shape – tiled vs square. The only option was number of columns and crop images. Is this something to do with using Lodestar???

    Thanks again for your help.


    Hi Jennifer,

    I have taken a photo of what it looks like on my ipad and created a new portfolio entry called THIS IS WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE.




    Sorry about that, it looks like your last two replies were caught in our forum spam filter.

    I’ve gone ahead and flagged this thread for staff attention and assistance. Thanks for your patience while they get back to you.



    Ah and only you and staff will be able to see that link which may not illustrate the problem. If you want to upload a screenshot, please see our guide here: https://en.support.wordpress.com/make-a-screenshot/



    Thank you @justjennifer :)

    @amazinggardendesign, we’re investigating this for you. Can you clarify whether the page looks broken after you rotate, or whether it looks bad as soon as you load it up?

    Also, are you holding your iPad vertically or horizontally? Does it matter? If you refresh after rotating it does that help at all?


    Hi it doesn’t matter which way I hold the iPad. It is the same horizontally or vertically


    Hi rotating and refreshing make no difference.
    Thanks fir your help



    Thanks @amazinggardendesign. We were able to find someone here with an iPad 2 for testing, and while they weren’t able to see what you see right away, things are indeed getting jumbled up when the screen is rotated.

    We’ve filed a bug report for that, and I’m hoping that will end up resolving your issue as well.


    Thenks. I have added a page to my website with a screen dump of what it looks like in landscape


    Do you have an idea of the timescale for fixing the problem?



    We’re not able to give a timeline, no. That depends both on how our developers prioritize the particular bug, and on how complex it actually is to investigate and fix.

    We’ll let you know here if there are any updates.

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