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    Weren’t the log in boxes case senstive before? I could have sworn that in the past I had tried to log in while my “caps lock” was on and I couldn’t log on until I used lowercase letters. (just something I noticed, and was curious about…. also wanting to make sure I am not loosing my mind!!! Heh Heh Heh)



    I really don’t know because I do not log-in the long way. I use the short-cut Bookmarklet method. If you want to try the short-cut method too then after you have logged in go to any write page and don’t write anything. Just scroll down to the bottom and you will see this:
    WordPress Bookmarklet
    Right click on the following link and choose “Add to favorites” to create a posting shortcut.
    press it __________blog link_______________

    I made a permanent Bookmarklet for every one of my blogs so when I want to log-in to any of them I get an internet connection, go to my Bookmarks and click on appropriate the “press it” bookmarklet for the blog I want. VOILA! I’m in the admin area of my blog – no log-in required.

    P.S. Maybe someone else can address the case sensitive thing.



    I don’t think they are….

    A quick check of my WPMu install shows that the login information gets dropped down to lowercase for teh username but teh password remains as typed.

    Hope this helps,

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