Log-in expires and I lose a half a post

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    I’d been working on a lengthy post that involved quite a bit of time and research. I saved now and again, but when I clicked Save to backup the final draft before proofing, I received a message to the effect that I did not have the rights to do that.

    The post vanished and I had to log in again. I opened the draft of the post and half of it has gone because neither the auto-saves or manual saves had worked as the system had logged me out halfway through.

    There should be a better way of handling an automatic log-out than this. It’s infuriating to loss a substantial part of a carefully researched and considered post because the system decides it’s time to kick you off.


    This has never happened to me, stonehead, because I compose off-line, and paste it in. I sympathize, though. I hope other people respond and give you a fix if you must compose in the Write Post box.



    I’ve been posting here for almost three years and it has never happened to me. And I write 95% of the time in the post box. Are you having trouble with your internet connection by any chance?


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    I’ve seen you in the forums before (the skinning the rabbit?) so maybe vivianpaige is on the right track? I have a high-speed wireless connection now, but perhaps you have a slower connection which is the problem? The auto save usually saves more often than I want—too many to look at. Also in my modem days (only a year ago), I did not get kicked off for hours and hours.


    i HATE that. uh…always periodically highlight and COPY your post so that if it gets lost you dont lose it. or right before you SAVE…highlight and copy it…so you can just log in and publish it anyway!




    down – if you link your user name to your blog as explained in the sticky, 8 Things, at the top of the forums you won’t have to put it in your posts.



    It HAS happened to me before, and quite recently. It happened about a week ago, for a couple of hours. Had to keep logging in whenever I clicked to a different page. Not a cookie issue; not a browser issue. I haven’t seen it since.


    thanks viv. youre such a sweetie. someone else was kind enough to tell me HOW to do that, so…no worries;-)

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