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Log-In for Enterprise

  1. I'm wondering if there's a way of adding log in/out to the menu bar of Enterprise. I don't really want it in the side bar since I don't need the meta/admin etc. items that are also added with the widget. It seems there should be a way of adding it as a page so it would show up on the menu bar. And if those unneeded items wound up as a drop-down menu that would be just fine.
    Other than this little bit of nitpicking, a great theme.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Here's the format for a log-in link to your blog. You can place it in a text widget if you wish.

    <a href="">log-in </a>

  3. Ahh, Thank you timethief!

  4. As that's the URL to the blog linked to your username and the blog that's linked to it has been deleted, you will have to replace "" with the URL for the blog in question.

    The login page is produced by adding the /wp-admin/ to the URL.

  5. @jwane: Instead of a text widget that's useless to visitors, you can add your dashboard page to the bookmarks bar of your browser.

  6. @timethief
    Yes, the url was incomplete. Now corrected.

    Yes, I already have that. What I was wanting is a Log-In button on the menu bar that will take you directly to the log-in page.
    Sorry, I didn't make that very clear in the original post.

  7. That's easy. Create a static page or subpage and do not enter a title into the title field or place any text on the page. Then enter your log-in link into the title field on the stsic page and publish the page. However, doing that will mean your readers will see "log-in" on the menu bar.


  8. Apparently you have bookmarked your main blog page, not your main dashboard page. If you bookmark that, it will "take you directly to the log-in page" when you're logged out.

  9. <a href="">log-in </a>

  10. @tt: Please stop suggesting that without first checking if it works in the OP's theme (you did it again yesterday, for Ocean Mist):

  11. @panaghiotisadam
    I have both. This is for users that will be helping me with the blog in the future.

    Thanks, I'll try that.

  12. @jwane
    Panos wants us to read his blog post. Apparently that trick will not work on the theme you are using.

  13. Thanks to both of you but you're right, it won't work with Enterprise.

  14. Yes, so we are back to placing the link in a text widget or simply bookmarking it in your browser. :)

  15. @Panos
    As I'm neither anal or brilliant so I did make mistakes :(
    Bbut not to worry I won't be doing that in the future ... :D

  16. Too bad I'm also not brilliant or I might be able to make a short code for this. (Yes, I tried)

  17. @jwane
    lol ... well are you going to keep at it or are you just going to create a bookmark like us dullard mistake makers use?

  18. I guess I'll just stick with the bookmarks for now. I'll just email the other users that the administrator is a dullard and they'll just have to bookmark the links :)

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