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Log-in required for comments

  1. Can anybody please tell me WHY I have to log-in before my comments can be posted. This is only when I use an email address attached to mny WP account. When I use another email addres which is not attached to a WP account my comments are posted immediastely. This does not make sense in any way.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Yes, I have read that sticky post. Unfortunately it only answeres the question: "Do I have to log in in order to post a comment?" It simply states that one has to login - no reason given.

    My question is WHY is it necessary to login. Is there any reasoning behind it? Is it of any benefit to anybody? Is it a requirement by the Chinese government? Does it make WP more secure against hacking attacks? What?

  3. As I said in this outher thread you also posted to:
    I don't have an answer for why you are experiencing this so I flagged this thread for Staff attention.

  4. Thanks Timethief.

    I'm waiting eagerly.

  5. I find it extremely frustrating to log in. Especially if I am already logged in and WordPress informs me that the email address is incorrect.

  6. or that the email address i.m using belongs to another subscriber. When i do login, wow, its me, alright. Its really getting my hackles up.

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