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Log in with other account not possible

  1. Unbelievable!!
    It's not possible to change the user account into Gravatar! As soon as I want to log-in, I am logged in with the last user's account. No way to change!

    Only way is to use own browser for every account or to delete and find all cookies each time.

    I am really pissed of :(

    [ Firefox 50.0 ]

  2. @andremorre since Gravatar authenticates through, have you tried logging out at first, then logging in via Gravatar?

  3. This works, supernovia - thank you.

    Nevertheless it's not much more comfortable than using different browsers because you can't log out from wordpress with the website of gravatar – and it's still absolutely stupid.

  4. Yeah, I don't know if logging out of via Gravatar would confuse people, but I will file a suggestion.

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