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    Hi. Why am I constantly being asked to log in? I do tick the ‘remember me’. I’ll log in, go to another page. Go to dashboard, and then I’m asked to log on again. And it offers me 2 options. My stuff? And Hot something or other. 2 separate log ins. Then, after loggin in, I get my dashboard in list form.
    What’s happening and how do I fix it?

    Trish : )



    It sounds like your browser is not accepting the login cookie. Double check your browser’s cookie and security settings. You may have them set at too high a level. You should be accepting cookies at least fromt eh domain that you are visiting.

    Another issue may be with your ISP, BT. Do you know if you are behind some sort of proxy or if they rotate IP addresses? You may want to check with them.



    On navigating within my admin I get this

    When I chose my stuff, I get this (supposed to be an index, rather than what I usually get)

    I can’t move freely within my site anymore. What’s happening? I’ve checked my security settings and they are set to medium. And as far as my server goes, I understand where you’re coming from. But I don’t have this problem with any other site. Also, I checked the cookies and wordpress doesn’t have one. But there are loads saved. Leads me to think it’s a WP thing. It only just started a couple of days ago.

    HELP! It’s really annoying to continually have to log in just to move from one page to another! This isn’t the great new dashboard is it?

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