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    I need help signing into http://www.oliveoilandfeta.com

    I have been trying for awhile now and am blogging for my 8-4 job starting today as I am office from my school counseling job this summer. Thanks!



    Hi there,

    That site is owned by a different WordPress.com account than the one you’re currently logged in.

    Please follow our Account Recovery guide to recover access to it:




    I don’t know where to start to recover http://www.oliveoilandfeta.com



    I don’t know where to start to recover http://www.oliveoilandfeta.com


    You are not signed in to the correct account. Right now, you’re signed in as nikicade3 and that account is not associated with the site you’re trying to access.

    Try signing in with your other email address at WordPress.com. Each account requires a unique email address.

    If you are still unable to get signed in correctly, then you must submit the account recovery form that fstat listed above. We will not be able to provide further assistance from the forums.


    I have been trying for awhile now

    Hi there,

    Please log out of the nikicade3 account, then try logging in by entering the username nkmaria along with the password for that account.

    nkmaria is the username for the account that has published posts at oliveoilandfeta.com

    If you’re unable to remember the password for nkmaria, please enter that username into this lost password form, and an email will be sent to the address associated with the account.

    If that process doesn’t work for you, then please try filling out this separate account recovery form.

    Since WordPress.com is charging you for a paid service, it should be possible to retrieve a transaction ID for those payments from a credit card statement or PayPal account, depending on how you’ve paid. That ID can then be used to help you gain access to the site.

    When filling out the account recovery form, please enter nkmaria as the username along with a transaction ID from either a credit card statement or a PayPal account.

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