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    The last couple of times I have gone to my blog, I have had to log in with my user name and password.

    Usually when I go to my blog, the bar across the top saying “My account” and “My Dashboard,” etc. is already there and everything is ready for me to use without having to log in from scratch.

    WordPress hasn’t switched something to cause us to have to log in every time, has it?



    No as far as I know no changes like that have been made. Sometimes this happens to me too. It’s no big deal just log-in and start blogging. :)



    It would make me very nervous to leave myself logged in all the time. What if someone steals your computer? At least if you’re signed out they can’t get into your blog as well. If you’re signed in, all they have to do is plug that puppy in and your blog is their playground.



    SHEESH! That’s not at all what I meant. On your write page at the bottom there is an option to create a bookmarklet. I have done that for each of my blogs. That is what I’m referring to but maybe I misunderstood the OP.

    I’m famished and supper is ready.

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