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    I have just downloaded the new WordPress Kindle Fire App. However, I am unable to login. The reason is that I am not a blogger, I am a reader so when I set up my account on the website originally, I chose to not have a blog. The only choices for logging in on the Fire app, are: Start a new blog, Add to existing blog, Add self hosting blog. None of these will let a non-blogger access their account. The description of the app says “provides a one stop shop for you to read your favorite blogs”.

    Anyone know how a non-blogger can log in?

    Thanks for any assistance.


    The App is for writing posts (blogging). It has nothing to do with reading. Just use the browser in the Kindle like you would on your computer.


    When I go to http://wordpress.com/ main page, there is a place to log in at the top of my iPad or iPhone browser window.



    Just a quick update on this: The WordPress Android app now available for Nook Color/Tablet & Kindle Fire and features the new reader.

    WordPress for Android Now Available for Nook Color/Tablet & Kindle Fire

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