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Logging In to Multiple Websites

  1. sanctifiedbrother

    Can I log in to multiple sites at one time in one browser? I set up different blogs for friends and family who frequently need help and I have my own site that I'm always logged into. I'd like to be able to log in to them all and stay logged in.

    I can do this with my .org sites, however it doesn't seem to work with .com. Is it possible?


  2. Simple really

    Have them invite you to be a user on their site - then you are logged into their site when you are logged into your account that they added to their bog -

  3. sanctifiedbrother

    Thank you, auxclass. That's awesome.

    Let's say I edit a post of theirs (clean up grammar, add links, etc.), will it show up as me posting or them? Same if I have to add a post for them. I don't want to be seen as an author or anything…

    Thnks for the direction!

  4. sanctifiedbrother

    Incidentally, it's easy on my iPhone/iPad because all of the accounts are added to the apps and I can switch back and forth. It's just when I'm sitting in front of the desktop (which is most of the time).

  5. sanctifiedbrother

    Hmm… I just read this:

    I think they ultimately need me to be the Admin. I'll just have to log in and out on as as-needed basis. Even the Editor role doesn't have the full power they'll expect me to perform (tweaking themes, fiddling with widgets, etc.).

    Thanks, again. I think logging in and out will have to do it.

  6. I am at a desktop PC now and I can click to several friends sites that I help with - either as an Editor or Admin, depending on the help they wanted -

    If you add a post for someone you will show as the author - but you can change that by going down on the edit Post or Page screen toward the bottom you can change the author to be anyone that has posting rights on a site - the hard part is remembering to page down and make the change - if you just edit another entry that does not change the author

  7. sanctifiedbrother

    Hmm…OK, I see. I didn't want to do the Admin, I guess I'll give it a try. I won't mind paging down to swap the names.

    Gonna give this a try. Thank you kindly!

  8. sanctifiedbrother

    Sorry, one more thing: they can remove me as Admin later, when they can ride on their own, correct? Or do I have to request removal?

  9. They can remove you as long as you are not the admin who set up the site. Only staff can remove that person, I believe.

  10. sanctifiedbrother

    OK, great. They set it up (well, me actually, logged in as them) so all hould work well. Thank you!

  11. You be welcome & good luck

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