logging in without a blog url?

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    When I try to log in to post a comment on a blog, WP now demands that I type in the url of _my_ blog – but I don’t have one, don’t want one, just use WP for a consistent log-on ID. How can I log on via WP without creating another online maintenance chore (blog) that I don’t need or want?



    In fact each blogger chooses whether or not to require an email address and/or a site URL when submitting a comment. Also note that the prompt for both an email address and site URL will appear even if the blogger has not set up their comments to require the same.


    Thanks for your quick response!

    1) I don’t understand – the blogger chooses what to require, but the prompt shows up either way?

    2) The question seems to be (at present, anyhow) moot: on a different post, the customary “Log In” button returned, and WP signed me in without any fuss. All this may have been connected to a format change at the blog group involved, with me having the bad luck to try to comment while the new template(s) were being installed.



    1) Yes
    2) It’s good to know this is not longer an issue for you. :)

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