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    Hello WordPress,
    I just created an account to construct a webpage (http://www.davidmreis.org/). Now I need to know how to log into my webpage to start editing it. When I click the “log in” link on the homepage I get a WordPress dialogue box asking for username and password. When I type this information in I receive an error message.

    Sorry for such a basic question!

    Thank you,
    Blog url: http://davidreisblog.wordpress.com/

    The blog I need help with is davidreisblog.wordpress.com.



    Are you entering the correct username and password? Caps lock on? Number lock? Also, under the login page is a reset password link.


    Thank you for your note, and yes, I am entering the same username and password that I created to access my newly created WordPress blog.

    I can log out and log in to the blog with no problem, but when I go to my webpage, click the “log in” link, and enter the same information I receive an error message. I’m confused.



    I see that http://www.davidmrels.org (self hosted) and davidrelsblog.wordpress.com are two different sites.

    wordpress.com vs. wordpress.org

    More info: Jetpack


    Oh, so do I need to type in the username and password I set up with my host (Bluehost)? I want to get into my webpage: http://www.davidmreis.org (note correct address) to begin editing it.

    Here’s what I have done:
    1. I type in my new webpage address (http://www.davidmreis.org)
    2. I see a hot link “log in”
    3. I click it and a WordPress dialogue box appears asking for username and password.

    What do I do at this point?

    Thank you for your help.


    Problem solved. Thank you!



    That is your http://www.davidmreis.org/ log in. If that’s the site you want to post to, just go for it. We don’t do support for those kinds of sites here; you will find support at WordPress.ORG.

    Note that http://davidreisblog.wordpress.com/ is completely separate. They will only have the same username and password if you accidentally made them the same.

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