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logging out and importing to WordPress

  1. I am a blind user using keyboard. I have a WordPress account User only. Since I have 2 blogs on Blogger I want to move, I didn't know whether to start a New blog on WP, since the blogs I already have are what I need. I don't "see" (smile) a place on the dashboard for accessing move from BlogSpot. Also, once I log into WordPress, I do not find a place to Log Out.
    Help this Blind man See!

  2. BlogSpot is the old service name for Blogger. You can import your BlogSpot blog using the Blogger importer at Tools -> Import in your blog's Dashboard.

  3. Just a follow up. So now, I indeed have my blogs migrated over; and now, the posts from my blogger blogs are not displaying the audio links for my podcasts. Neither can I input the links to the mp3 files stored on my host at
    When I try using the Link button in WP, the raw html code is showing in my posts and the link is stubbonly insisting on appearing at the beginning of the blog post.
    Thanks, for your help; if we need to change the subject, we can.
    In short, the Screen Reader is not getting access to the place to write in the podcast link.

  4. In order to upload and embed audio files at, you'll need a Space Upgrade.

    This article has further details:

  5. You have helped me so that I can now link to my audio files.
    Now, the issue is the feedburner feed. Do I need this? If so, I cannot put it in because of the inaccessibility of the "drag and drop" feature.
    This is Not possible using the keyboard.
    I am Off from the original topic, I know.
    Still learning the interface, but am scared as to whether or not to type html to actually Code links instead of letting the editor do them and not knowing where they will End Up in the post.

  6. You don't really need a Feedburner feed.

    Your blog has its own feed at

  7. The logging and link problems are straight now, but my widgets are disappearing. Since I cannot See to fix them and the "drag and drop" feature is not accessible with the keyboard, there's no way for me to add PayPal button functionality as the support documentation describes, nor can we have the great benefits widgets provide without the WP fantastic tech team intervening with some accessibility implementation, Please?

  8. We are looking into improving accessibility in the Widgets are, but don't really have any solutions at this point.

    Sorry for the trouble!

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