Logging out of dashboard counts your own visit to your site

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    WordPress.com says “we don’t count your own visits to your blog.” However, every time I log out of my dashboard, it takes me to my own blog and counts that as a visit in my stats! This can’t be right.

    I saw a topic that said the behavior had changed, and “you should log out of forums instead of your dashboard.” But I think that is a workaround for a problem that should be fixed – when you log out of your dashboard, it should either show your site and NOT count it as a visit, or else take you to WordPress.com not your own blog.


    The blog I need help with is willcomm.us.



    No that’s not what the support documetation states. This is what it sats (bold lettering added by me.)

    The following are not counted:
    * Visits from registered users of the blog when they are logged in. http://en.support.wordpress.com/stats/


    Hi Matt!

    If I understand you correctly, the stats increasing when you log out is actually an unavoidable anomaly, and an indication that your stats are working quite perfectly.

    As strange as this might sound, after you log out of your account you are considered an anonymous user just like any other visitor; it’s just that you’re visiting your own blog while you’re not logged in.




    You can avoid this by just coming to the forum and logging out from here.



    Which “Log Out” link are you using?

    I use the one in the Admin bar and when logging out it brings me to the WordPress.com front page. Using the one at the top of my Dashboard “Howdy YOURUSERNAMEHERE | Log Out” brings me to my blog’s log in page.


    i never log out , it that wrong , in fact i never log out of any of the 5 forums either i’m a member of.


    i meant , IS that wrong



    I am cautious and I log out of all sites. I would never ever choose to remain logged in. Also my browser is set to automatically clear the cache and cookies every time I leave the internet.



    I don’t even have to log out. I just exit my browser. But when I come back I still have to log in again, so I guess I’m logged out. Maybe you could try that?

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