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  1. Hello,
    I'm a french student in IT.
    I have lost my login and my password for my blog.
    And My email address is wrong.
    I want to close my blog.
    How can I close or edit my blog?
    Thank you for your answer.

  2. Ok thank you for your quickness.
    But do you know if someone have the same problem?
    Or do you think it's possible to delete a blog without login, password and email?
    How many time a blog stay on without admin activity?
    A blog have always a login admin?

  3. The last time I heard of someone trying to delete a blog without a login, password, or email, it was someone who was not actually the real blogger.

    Blogs are not deleted by except for Terms of Service violations, etc. Only the blogger can make a voluntary deletion of a blog.

  4. Thanks.
    But in fact my blog was just a try.
    So it content 3 posts copy to an other blog for the company where i work.
    I want just erase the content of the posts because it content information about the company.
    And do you know if a blog have always a login admin?

  5. Yes, a blog always has a login. It's You put the username and password there. Blogs don't have to be active. Admins don't have to do anything. But you can't delete all admins from a blog; there is always one in charge.

    Contact staff for more answers.

  6. ok thanks a lot.
    The problem comes from my wrong email.
    Because I use the form for get a new password.
    Do you know if it's possible to rollback the password of my inscription (the first password in fact)???

  7. I have no idea. Staff would know. The forums are mostly only volunteers.

  8. Thanks a lot raincoaster

  9. You're welcome.

  10. Do you know if Contact staff participate to forums?
    For help us!

  11. Staff rarely participate in the forums.

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