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  1. I have now tried for the second day to login into WordPress to work on my website, but when I say lost password, the system says that I will receive a link to correct it - I don't receive the link and even on my password that you have send to me via email does not work. How can I reset my password to get into my dashboard to finish my project ?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. is not a site. You are in the wrong forum.

    details about the different kinds of WordPress:

  3. Thank you very much as I am now really confused which works where - I look like a real stupid now but thanks again for the reply :)

  4. No reason to feel stupid. Lots of folks are confused by the various flavors of WordPress. Your site is definitely using WordPress.ORG software. We only help with questions here. See the bottom of your page: "Proudly powered by WordPress" links to WordPress.ORG.

  5. Thanks 1Tess - I shall try the other WordPress and see if I am able to login. Seems like you are an expert in this field ? Maybe I must start an ebook to help the people about this confusion.

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