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  1. I do not know how best to explain this, but I will try.

    I have noticed an issue that is a touch annoying. The situation happens when ever I open someones blog to read and possibly comment, from either an email subscription, or a feed reader, when I am not currently logged in to WP. I understand why I am not automatically logged in, but the annoying thing is that there is no option anywhere on the post page for me to login first before commenting. If I was logged in there is an option for me to log out right near the comment box, but if I am not logged in already there is no login button. This is

    In order to login first I have to open a WP page with the login option (two examples I know of: or Then I have to reopen the persons blog post to comment as a logged in user. I hope this is not a theme specific issue, because as a person wishing to login I can not change other people's blog themes to find a login button

    So I guess basically what I am try to suggest is that there be a login button near the comment box for users when they have not logged in to first before viewing a person's blog. I would also like to suggest that when the person clicks on the login button and logs in, that they be returned back to the post they were viewing when they hit the login button.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. You don't have to log in to comment as a logged-in user. It's email-sensitive, so if you add the comment and put in the same email as your account is registered with, it'll look as if you were logged in.

  3. Thank you Raincoaster. I know I do not 'have to' login to comment. I just thought putting a login button near the comment box would be the simplest place to put it.

    The reason why I notice this lack and why I think it would be a good idea is for times when I have been logged off and I come to WP thru a one of my email subscriptions or thru my reader and I just have not logged in yet and would like to do so as I continue to read posts and start commenting for the day. It is not that I just want to comment on that one particular post, but rather that the first time I opened WP in my browser, for that time frame, was thru a post I was choosing to comment on, and I intended to do other activities (that I would need my dashboard for). So I just thought it would be nice if there was a login button near the comment box.

    I suppose I could just fill in my email and all that on the particular post, but it still does not log me in and I still have to open another page to get to a login option, if I want to continue working with my dashboard.

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