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Login info works from back end, but not anywhere else

  1. detectivefiction

    Disregard my above...I am under a different account right now.

    Here is the site I need help with:

    My login info works just fine when I type it into wp-admin, so I know 100% that I have everything correct.

    But if I try to use that same info to log into or, it tells me it doesn't exist.

    What's wrong? I'd like to log in to those other sites as well, for various reasons, but it won't let me. Any idea why?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. The iste you link to above is not a free hosted blog and those are the only blogs we provide support for on this forum. You need to post to to get help with that site. You can register a username account there on the top right hand corner of the page. vs

  3. oops! "iste" was meant to be "site"

  4. detectivefiction

    Thank you. :)

  5. You're welcome and best wishes with your site.

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