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Login Keeps Refreshing but can't Login

  1. castleofnutshells

    Today, whenever I click on any admin-related link for any of my blogs - edit, dashboard, etc. it prompts me to log in, but does not accept my password. I can get into my site by going through a link (like in a comment), but if I click through to anything else, it prompts me to log in, and does not accept my password. There's no error message (my password is not incorrect), it simply keeps displaying the login page.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I'm getting the same type result - sometimes it will work, but other times it won't.

    I first got the error Thursday night. I've done basic stuff like clearing cache and that helped (it seemed for a brief moment) but no longer.

    I'm betting it is a temporary issue at wordpress.

  3. castleofnutshells

    I hope so, as I haven't been able to post anything to any of my blogs. Any way we can let WP know about the issue?

  4. Double check and make sure your browsers are set to accept cookies. Cookies must be enabled or login and working in the dashboard will not work.

  5. Also if you have not cleared your browser cookies, clear them, restart your browser and then try again.

  6. Also, if you are using Google Chrome, see this post by t3ck. It appears there is an issue with Chrome: .

  7. Even with 4.0.223... I am getting a login dialog at the bottom of the dashboard. It comes up in a 'What's Hot' frame...

    Somethings work some don't.

  8. I've heard of a lot of other complaints about Chrome over the past month or so. I would simply switch away from it till they get it fixed.

  9. i am getting the same type of problem.. i cant access to wp-admin.. it only works sometimes.. and then again it doesnt accept!! i need help please!

  10. and yeah.. i use mozilla firefox.. i tried with internet explorer too.. but get the same prob

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